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Spudbar was founded in 2000 around the simple promise to create delicious food that’s healthy, great value, quick and casual. We discovered the spud was the perfect platform to build a meal around – delicious, filling and much healthier than the typical meal staples of pasta, bread and rice.
SpudBar - Chook

You Are What You Eat

If you want to feel good… fill up on delicious goodness. Live a harmonious life. Great tasting food doesn’t need to mean heaps of sugar & fat. ‘Fast good’ doesn’t have to mean ‘junk food’.
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We Keep It Simple

Delicious recipes full of flavour. Fresh & raw vegies. Gluten free & free range options when we can. We buy produce from farmers we like, and we like farmers who treat their land and animals well.
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Its ‘Slow Food’ Served Fast

Enjoy the down to earth spud. A nutrient-rich gem of natural goodness, light & fluffy on the inside with a crispy skin.


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