Food for Everyone

SpudBAR is a delicious and
nutritious option for everyone.

We think life would be a bit boring if everyone was the same, which is why we celebrate our little differences with a menu that is highly adaptable to your tastes and dietary needs. Our dishes are low sugar, gluten-free, high protein, vegan, and dairy-free.

Talk about having you covered!

Supporting Local Farmers

We Love Our Farmers

We love supporting our farmers by using local produce. Our delightfully fresh, hand-picked vegetables are sourced from family businesses, and that’s the way we’re going to keep it.

Our sweet potatoes come from Bundaberg, QLD and Nadine potatoes from Virginia, SA. We certainly hope you can taste the difference.

We also use biodegradable packaging across all our products, because what the world needs now – is love, sweet love!

Potato Facts

Time to dispel a few potato myths,
and face the facts!

It’s fair to say potatoes haven’t always received the praise they deserve, but these highly versatile, round wonders, have outstanding nutritional qualities that fit beautifully into a well-balanced diet. Often criticised for their concentration of carbohydrates, recent studies have highlighted the importance of carbs in the daily diet.

Potatoes are pretty incredible being 99.9% fat free, gluten free, have less calories than rice and pasta, zero cholesterol, are low in salt, have more potassium than one banana, possess more fibre than five bananas, AND more Vitamin C than both blueberries and an orange.

Yep, so many more reasons to love the potato.

Sweet Potatoes

How Sweet it is!

The sweet potato is regarded as a wonder-vegetable, with just 150 grams of the things giving you 100% of your daily intake of Vitamin C and A.

They have a hell of a lot of fibre, potassium, niacin and calcium, and are the king of the root vegetables.

And above all, they are like heaven to taste.

SpudBar - Box

You definitely win friends with salad.

Vegetables are such glorious and varied nutrient-rich gems that we can never eat enough of. All of our spuds are packed full of them, naturally.

The World Health Organisation recommends 5 serves of vegetable a day. The good news is most of our dishes have your daily dose of veggies – so you’re spoiled for choice!

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Nutritional Informartion

What am I eating?

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